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I’m proud to announce the (self) publication of my first book on photography: Learning to See Better Vacation Photos (with updated cover)

My Goal in writing this short book was to address a common reason that most students in my news photography classes were not taking good images: they didn’t know what made an image good.

Almost everyone who goes on vacation, or visits another location, and who has a camera, will take some photos of the scenery, of their dessert, or of their family or friends. This book was designed to show the average person with no photographic training how to start looking at the “scene” before them, just like a professional photographer does.

I’ve included over 60 of my own vacation images, with lines and arrows added to some of them, so the reader can see the composition elements in action.

If you’ve ever wanted to take better photos, but don’t want to worry about the technical side of the camera, or learn what terms like ISO, Aperture, or Sunny-16 mean, this will be a good book to start with.

It’s only available in e-book version from Amazon. Click the cover image above to go to the page on Amazon for it.

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